Sunday, August 5, 2012

Solving Death

Thursday, January 19, 2012

WaterCar Stanley Meyer built a water car and may have died from competitor (oil) revenge


Water Car by Stanley Meyer

The Water Car breakthrough in Stanley Meyer s words was the observation that voltage does work. Combined with Stanley s Tenacious and persistence to discover a solution to the 1973 Oil Embarrgo, Stanley proceeded to study the water molecule and use voltage both ac and dc, used synchronously, to resonantly modulate the covalent bonds in pure water to the breaking point. The "Apparent" or real over-unity energy production used in the water car were both calculated and observed, and centers on using the fuel in a voltage current (burning water) context but creating the gases in a voltage only modality. In simple terms, this approach to physics produces free current! Stanley made his water car work by lysing water (splitting the molecule) using a water wfc water fuel cell working in reverse...using a capacitor made of 316l Low carbon Stainless Steel concentric tubing with close spacing but not touching. Distilled water was the FRAGILE dielectric. It's that simple!

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